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Personal Care Products - Toxic or Clean
by Maximum Health Clinic on 

Our skin is our largest organ in our body. It is our “miracle garment” averaging 10 square feet and, less than 1/10 of an inch thick. A square holds 20 blood vessels, 650 sweat glands and 1000 nerve endings.
     Anything we put on our body should be safe enough to eat – BECAUSE YOU ARE EATING IT!
     Carcinogens in cosmetics and personal care products are greater cancer risks than food contaminated with carcinogenic pesticides and other industrial carcinogens because chemicals taken in by mouth are absorbed by the intestines and pass into venous blood, which is then taken to the liver. The liver detoxifies the carcinogens (as best it can) before it reaches the rest of the body.
     Carcinogens absorbed through the skin, in sharp contrast, by pass the liver and enter the blood circulation – and body organs – without any liver detox.
     Even worse, the permeability of skin to carcinogens is even greater than that of the intestines. Our intestines have mechanisms that control particle absorption, but our skin does not have defenses against modern chemical onslaught. It was shown in 1978 that some carcinogens (nitro diethanolamine or NDEIA) was absorbed 100 times greater through the skin then the intestines.
      The cosmetics and personal care products are poorly regulated in America. In fact, they are the least regulated products by the FDA. Europe is way ahead of the US. In Germany, they have a certification for natural personal care products – BDIH. It requires natural ingredients with a limited list of allowable synthetics, it rejects synthetic fragrances, dyes and petroleum products, as well as the common preservative parabens. In Europe, products must be tested before going on the market. In the US, it’s a toxin free for all. Companies can put anything in a bottle and call it organic and natural – and it means nothing. Products can hurt a lot of people, still stay on the market, and are not removed until someone sues.


Preservatives: Formaldehyde, quaternium – 15, methyl and propyl paraben. There are non– toxic ones available such as benzoic acid, benzyl alcohol and sorbic acid.
 Antioxidants:  BHA – Butylated hydroxyanisole, butylated hydroxytoluene.
Ointment Bases: Lanolin alcohol, propylene glycol (antifreeze), polyethylene glycol.
Emulsifying agents: Sodium lauryl sulfate, glyceryl stearate, cetyl alcohol.

     In addition to all those general categories, there are a few outstanding offenders:
    Talc and talcum powder, Baby powder dusted on baby’s bottoms, fluffed onto genitals and used in tampons – is highly carcinogenic and causes ovarian cancer.
    Titanium dioxide powder. Used to whiten and lighten, in a lot of face powders. Highly toxic to breathe it in, causing lung cancer.
    All phthalates and dibutyl phthalates - highly toxic to our reproductive systems and in a lot of cosmetics.
    1-4-dioxane – is not on the ingredient list but is created as an accidental byproduct of ethoxylation. A 2008 study of 99 personal care products branded natural and organic, 45 had 1-4- dioxane – a carcinogen.

    Start with high exposure, frequently used products – Shampoo, conditioners, face cream, toothpaste, deodorant and any other products you use in large amounts. Lip and hand products are a big exposure. Lead is often found in lipsticks.
     Buy from companies that have high standards for non – toxic ingredients. See my list.
    Fabulous Resources: Environmental Working Group Skin deep Data base. Here you can search products and see how they rate.
    If products are certified by the USDA National organic Program – They are toxin free.


            - Miessence Deodorant
            - CinnaGel (Ozone Gel) from MHC
            - Dr. Bronner’s and other liquid soaps
            - Chlorophyll toothpaste from MHC (helps bind heavy metals and toxic bacteria)
            - Clay toothpaste from MHC
Shampoo & Conditioners:
            - Miessence
            - John Masters
            - Aveda
Face Products:
            - Miessence
            - MyChelle Dermaceuticals
            - BioRenew – From MHC
Fingernail and Toenail Polish:
            - All are toxic- Conventional has50% toluene ( known carcinogen) Sulfonamide,     formaldehyde ( carcinogen ) and phthalate (endocrine disruptor) resins.
    Newer versions are formaldehyde-free, toluene-free and phthalate-free but still have isopropyl alcohol and other synthetic chemicals – but still a big improvement – A good brand is Acquarella.


     I am preparing a more extensive list of specific products and companies which I will have on my website by the end of the month.
    If you want to read in depth:
                                                1. Not Just a Pretty Face by Stacy Maikan
                                                2. Toxic Beauty: How cosmetics and Personal – Care Products                                                        Endanger Your Health – And What You Can Do About It  
                                                by SamuelS. Epstein

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Plastics – Toxicity – How to Avoid
by Maximum Health Clinic on 

What do most American’s eat many times per day? PLASTICS.

   Our bodies do not know how to metabolize chemicals that were invented yesterday.

   Plastics and one of their primary components, phthalates, are among the most abundant man – made chemicals Sherry Rodgers in her book “Detoxify or Die” written in 2002, said the average human intake just from wraps on food is 210 mcg/day. And that is 13 years ago and it has been steadily rising.

   The chemical and food industry says small amounts are harmless, which is true – But repeated daily intake is stockpiled in our bodies and bioaccumulate and there is a synergist (and unknown effect) of accumulation of plastics, heavy metals, and the slew of environmental toxins.

 What can we do about this?
            First – STOP putting them in or greatly decrease your exposure.
            Second – Do detox protocols to start getting accumulated toxins out.

   Plastics are hormone disruptors which increase the risk of cancer – especially breast and prostate. Plasticizers added to plastics to make them soft and pliable – contaminate food through simple contact and absorb into the food.

    Microwaving in plastic increases the migration of plastic to food. The longer it’s heated and the higher the temperature the more plastic goes into your food. Microwave – safe containers are designed not to melt in microwaves but the plastic particles bounce around and contaminate the food, even the part it’s not touching.

  Levels of plasticizers are higher in store – wrapped meat, poultry, fish, especially cheese, and there is more movement of plastic into food with length of time it is in contact.

   At minimum – leave plastic out of the food – heating process.




Some of the worst are:

BPA – component of polycarbonate plastic (#7) – in Nalgene drinking bottles, baby bottles, food containers, dental fillings, lining of metal food and beverage cans. BPA can lead to obesity and resistance to insulin. Which leads to diabetes.

  Different kinds of plastics: by         number.

Lease toxic:

1 – PET – Polyethylene Terephthalate single use bottles and containers – recyclable.
2. – High – Density Polyethylene (HPPE) – used in milk jugs, shampoo bottles, toys – recyclable.
3 – Low – Density Polyethylene (LDPE) – used in plastic wrap, grocery bags.
4 - Polypropylene (PP) _ used in syrup, yogurt containers, and diapers.

More Toxic Plastic:

5 – Polyuingl Chloride (PVC) – cling wrap for packaged meats. It is a known carcinogen. It includes Phthalates, which interfere with hormone development.
6 – Extruded Polystyrene (PS) – Styrofoam. Considered a carcinogen.
7 – Polycarbonate (PC) – Baby bottles, water cooler jugs, epoxy linings of tin cans. It is made of BPA, which is linked to cancer and obesity.

Foods which help – Antioxidants:

1.     Berries - Blackberries, Red Current, Raspberries, Black Olive, especially blackberry juice.

2.     Green Tea

3.     Broccoli and its cousins - the brassica family – cauliflower, Brussel sprouts, cabbage and kale.

4.     Beats, turmeric, ginger and rosemary and Macha green tea.



     Green Tea – helps release toxins from fat cells to the toilet and decreases chronic gastritis by 51%. Green tea at 2 cups/day decreases aging brain by 54%. Green tea polyphenol can cross the blood – brain barrier and protect the brain cells and chelate out heavy metals and remove them. It increases healthy bacteria in our gut and decreases disease – causing bacteria and fecal odor.


Other supplements that help:
            NAC – N-Acetyl – L-Cysteine – Increases extraction of methyl mercury
            Alpha Lipoid Acid
            1. Clean the main exit – by pooping. Colonics and /or coffee enemas
            2. Get adequate magnesium
            3. Brown rice or brown rice fiber chlorophyll from green veggies

Alkalinize your urine:
            Drink sparkling water – you can mix with a cranberry or berry juice  
            Multiple with chelated minerals
            Stinging nettle tea

Detox program for your liver – but first decrease your loads from all sources as much as possible.

     1. No plastic water bottles! One of our major exposures. Use glass preferably,    or metal as a second choice.
     2. Avoid foods shrink wrapped in plastic. Buy meat at the meat counter and have them wrap in paper.
     3. Avoid shrink-wrapped veggies. I love Trader Joes but I won’t buy their shrink wrapped veggies.
     4. Use glass containers for food at home.
     5. Don’t microwave. It kills the vitality of the food. If you must, use ceramic, corningware. Better yet – stove top or oven.
     6. Sparkling water. Costco sells Perrier water in glass by the case.
     7. If you buy food that is shrink wrapped, take it home and put in in a less toxic container.

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Heavy Metal Toxicity
by Maximum Health Clinic on 

Heavy Metal Toxicity


Who has heavy metals?

      EVERYBODY!!  I do a screening test for most of my patients called the Dithizone Reagent Test, which comes from Germany. It is based on the periodic table of chemistry. Heavy metals are pushy and heavy, and push good minerals out of our bodies. The good minerals are replaced by the heavy metals which are bad for our bodies and our cells, where our enzymes and biochemistry do not work correctly.
       EVERYBODY I test has mercury loads. My test shows mercury alone or mercury mixed with other heavy metals. It is very expensive to do lab tests for all the metals, so I perform muscle testing with samples of the heavy metals in your field. I also do hair analysis to test for both good minerals and heavy metals.

How do we get heavy metals?

     Our world has become incredibly polluted with the industrial revolution of the past 100 years. Industrial mercury emission, especially coal – burning plants around the world, including Boardman, OR, much of Middle America, India and China. They pour mercury into our atmosphere where it lands in our oceans (that’s how fish become high in mercury) and even our organic gardens.
      Mercury has increased in the North Pacific Ocean 30% in the last 20 years and is expected to increase another 50% by 2050.
      If your mother had silver mercury fillings when she was pregnant with you, your body got that in utero. If she had lead in her body (lead was in our gasoline and paint until about 1976), you got lead from her too.
     If you have ever had silver mercury fillings in your mouth, you were continually absorbing the mercury through the teeth roots, especially into the thyroid and brain. Mercury is fat soluble, so it is especially absorbed into the brain.
     If you still have silver mercury fillings, every time you bite down, methylmercury vapor comes off your fillings, and you breathe it in.

What kinds of problems do heavy metals cause?

     Heavy metals are a large contributor to most chronic disease in my opinion. It is a scourge we must remove from our bodies. Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, Hypothyroid, Hashimoto’s, Obesity, Diabetes, Schizophrenia, Osteoporosis, attention deficit, motor coordination complaints, the full spectrum of learning disabilities – All have improved by decreasing heavy metal loads.


How do we get heavy metals out of our bodies?

     Heavy metals in our intestines can be glommed onto by oral products and safely excreted. Two items that are safe for everyone to use are cracked cell chlorella and zeolite. The Chlorella is attracted to heavy metals and toxins, surrounds it, and it leaves with your stool. The zeolite has a honeycomb structure, oppositely charged from heavy metals, so they bind, are entrapped and excreted. Unfortunately, heavy metals lodged in the brain and nervous system need chelating agents to pull them out so they can be excreted.  Some of these are prescription items. I have a herd of items I use which I vary with the patient, and change depending on how heir chelation is going.

Far Infrared Saunas - These saunas heat your body up in the deep layers of your fat – where heavy metals and toxins are stored. You don’t sweat in the beginning, but when you do, you’re pulling heavy metals, PCB’s, environmental toxins and plastics out of your fat storage. We offer this at our clinic as a single session, series or sauna purchase.

Foot Detox Baths – These detox baths pull toxins out through your feet which is draining the entire lymphatic system. Toxins can be drawn into your lymphatics out of your blood, then pulled out of your lymphatics in an ionic exchange. This way those toxins don’t have to go through your kidneys to excrete.

Do fish really have a lot of heavy metal that we get by eating them?

     Yes, fish have heavy metals, especially mercury (from world pollution). The algae in the ocean binds with the mercury, the fish eat the algae. The smaller the fish, the less mercury it ate in its lifetime. The bigger the fish, the more little fish it ate, the longer it lives – Voila!! – Lots of mercury.

Environmental Working Group has a great website. I have attached their good Seafood Guide http://www.ewg.org/

NRDC – Natural Resources Defense Council – Also a great resource. I have attached their guide “Mercury in fish”. http://www.nrdc.org/

http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/index.htm is a great resource. They show a comparison of 6 oz. of different fish and the amount of mercury in each:

6 oz. Salmon – 4 mcg. Mercury
6 oz. Albacore Tuna- 60 mcg Mercury
6 oz. Swordfish – 170 mcg Mercury

    Healthy people, to be healthy, must detox their heavy metals, test to make sure they are down to a very low level, then have a schedule for detoxifying during the year.

    At Maximum Health Clinic, Dr. Paetzhold offers far-infrared saunas and specific testing that will narrow down which combination of oral chelators will be the most effective for your unique body.

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The Great Vaccine Debate
by Maximum Health Clinic on 

      Our inalienable right to decide what is put into our bodies - our right to informed content – is a part of our freedom as Americans. This right is currently under attack by the politics and profits surrounding vaccinations.

     I strongly support the idea of informed content for all medical procedures – especially for vaccines that are associated with a myriad of problems – I believe parents are the best mediators to provide checks and balances on the vaccine industry.

     In Oregon, we have had a long standing right to decide not to vaccinate ourselves and our children based on our religious or philosophical beliefs. Parents just had to fill out a form.

    As of March 2014, Oregon’s law has changed. Parents now must watch an educational video, then print off the exemption form and give a copy to school officials for their children to be exempt. The link for the exemption site is: http://public.health.oregon.gov/PreventionWellness/VaccinesImmunization/GettingImmunized/Pages/non-medical-exemption.aspx#parents. Check on “Begin the vaccination education module” for parents.

      A huge toxic element that is included in vaccines is mercury preservative called “thimerosal”. Mercury is a known neurotoxin and the form used in vaccines is ethyl mercury, which damages the brain much faster than the methylmercury found in fish and that we breathe from chewing on silver “mercury” fillings. They have decreased the amount of thimerosal in some vaccines, but there is still some. They have not decreased the thimerosal in flu shots, and tetanus shots.

     Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., wrote a compelling book “Thimerosal: Let the science speak” stating that mercury should be immediately removed from all vaccines. There are better and less toxic preservatives available.

     The movie “Trace Amounts” was released last year and Robert Kennedy came to Oregon for it’s showings in Salem and to meet legislators to defeat a bill that would have made all vaccinations mandatory. The movie documents a young adult, Eric Gladen, who was brain poisoned after receiving a thimerosal – loaded tetanus shot and his quest to unravel the source of his illness (filmed by Oregon State University).

    Mr. Kennedy quoted his father saying “Decent and nice people often are complicit in atrocity”. Mr. Kennedy said the present widespread use of mercury in vaccines is a holocaust. Oregon’s new vaccination law of 2014 has been working well, but is under attack this year. Senator Elizabeth Steiner Hayward in senate bill 442 proposed removing all non-medical exemptions for vaccines. Thanks to a loud public outcry, that bill was dropped. Now she submitted Senate bill 895, which would require schools to post information about overall vaccination rates at their schools and in their offices. This could lead to public shaming of parents who postponed even one vaccination, parents avoiding schools with a higher rate of vaccine exempt children, and schools denying admittance of children who are exempt to protect their enrollment.

     As a physician, I am bound to protect the privacy of all health information of my parents. This bill would take away that privacy.

     I personally experienced this when my sons were young. We went to a pediatrician’s office who had a waiting room full of sick kids with high fevers. They were all given multiple vaccinations while their immune systems were fighting an infection. I refused, and my family was dismissed as patients. My healthy kids were a medical threat to all his sick patients!

     Now a law is in the works to impose federal as opposed to state vaccine mandates. It would require all vaccines on the CDC timetable – with no exemptions for religious or personal beliefs.

     I am not anti – vaccine. I am for information consent. I believe thimerosal should be banned from all vaccines immediately – including the ones that are sent to third-world countries. I believe informed individuals should decide if the benefit of a vaccine outweighs its risks. Google the Gardasil Vaccine for a lot of damage done by a vaccine widely distributed whose safety had not been researched.

    There are another 200 vaccines in the pike that the vaccine industry would like us all to have to use.

     Adult mandatory vaccines will follow if all children are forced to get all vaccines.

    For more information, you may peruse Robert Kennedy’s book in my office. Check out the Autism Action website which will keep you informed of pending bills and how you can contact your legislators (www.autismactionnetwork.org) and Alan Phillips, J.D. Vaccine Fact Summary at www.vaccinerights.com

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