Dr. Pamela Paetzhold, D.C., N.D., L.Ac., R.Dh.

Dr. Paetzhold's Multi-disciplinary Approach

Dr. Paetzhold has been in full time practice since 1982.  She has continued her studies with the best and the brightest teachers available and is able to efficiently prioritize and treat acute and chronic health problems naturally and successfully.
She has extensive training in musculoskeletal problems and corrections, utilizing gentle manipulation combined with muscle and nerve retraining and extremity and craniosacral balancing. She is very successful in treating all types of musculoskeletal problems.  She has now added gentle computerized adjusting technology to her practice which uses an instrument called the Impulse I.Q. with autosense technology. This "smart" instrument senses the tension in the muscles and joints, adapts its thrust power to match this human tone, and changes it during the adjustment as the blocked site improves. Her patients have been raving about her much faster they improve.

She also has extensive training and experience diagnosing and treating functional imbalances, including gastrointestinal, hormonal, and energy and vitality complaints. She utilizes a thorough case history, clinical exam, and, when indicated, state-of-the-art laboratory analysis. Excellent results are obtained by using Oriental Medicine diagnostics combined with advanced muscle testing methods, which she has used since 1979.
Dr. Paetzhold specializes in integrating a multi-disciplinary approach for correcting health imbalances in people of all ages--from infants to elders.

Dr. Paetzhold's focus is to correct the CORE imbalances rather than just to relieve symptoms temporarily.