Dr. Pamela Paetzhold, D.C., N.D., L.Ac., R.Dh.

What I treat

  • Comprehensive correction of why a brain is sick
  • Corrects physiology to improve mood and emotions
  • NET--NeuroEmotional Technique as taught by Drs Scott and Deb Walker  with adaptation of color and acutronics tuning forks.  His therapy releases unconscious memory patterns which control our actions and emotions.
  • ERT--Emotional Repolarization Technigue--as taught by Dr. Bob Marshall



  • Weight loss programs designed to help you lose weight permanently, reshaping your body contours, correcting hormone and metabolism problems that cause most weight problems.
  • HCG Injections are one of the many tools I use to treat weight loss.



  • Discover what is stopping you.
  • Tools and guidance to go forward--when you are ready--at your own speed.



  •  Food allergies are extremely common and have a profound negative impact on our health. I screen all new patients for food allergies.
  • Treatment consists of avoiding certain foods and a reset of the body through the acupuncture system, with the help of homeopathics, so your body remembers how to react normally.



  • Dr. Paetzhold treats chronic airborn allergies, which often underline acute airborne problems by resetting your immune system.
  • Acute airborne allergies are often treated with acupuncture, homeopathic remedies and nutriceuticals.



  • Heavy metals are so prevalent that most of us have acquired some in our lifetime.
  • Decreasing our load can rejuvenate our bodies, and greatly improve chronic gastrointestinal bacterial and yeast overgrowth.
  • Clearing Toxins will help repair our nervous system and improve brain function.
  • It is very difficult if not impossible to avoid all exposure in the modern world, but we can drastically decrease our load and periodically do a spring cleaning to keep our bodies that way.



  • A comprehensive interview to understand your characteristics(warm or cold, need sunny weather or prefer cloudy weather) combined with your chief complaints.
  • A personalized natural energetic remedy is given which matches you and creates profound improvement in your health over time.



  • Most people need to be evaluated and have their bodies and minds rebalanced after an accident.
  • Auto insurance policies will usually pay for all treatments(Except Nutriceuticals) that are needed to return you to your pre-accident level of health.
  • Dr. Paetzhold will refer you to any specialist or an attorney if your situation requires it.



  • Dr. Paetzhold researches companies with the best reputations , attends ongoing seminars, and energetically tests supplements to assure they resonate as a combination with each individual patient.
  • Dr. Paetzhold does a comprehensive analysis using acupuncture alarm points to determine a whole body nutritional protocol.



  • Most chronic problems are a combination of multiple key imbalances in the body.
  • Dr. Paetzhold looks for CORE imbalances that, when corrected, can improve your health in multiple areas.



  • Structural balancing is done with very light force using state of the art adjusting instruments.
  • Gentle craniosacral manipulation and precise adjustments to the affected area.
  • All this combined with the resetting of muscle Set point's so your structure can hold.
  • Rehabilitative exercise are diagnosed along with any nutrition those muscles need to be able to function normally.



  • Most people have an accumulated load of toxins in their body from toxins they know they were exposed to( lead in gas fumes until the law changed, lead in paint, pesticides in farm procedures and non organic foods)
  • Dr. Paetzhold devises detox protocols specific for your body to reduce or remove accumulated toxins.